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There are 1000 active websites on the on-line-us.com system.
This website presents various solutions to access expertise, through different types of contracts : work contract, business contract, or internship agreement.

- a database of 75.000 job seekers (employed or unemployed)
- a network of 25.000 well-skilled freelance experts (generalists and specialists)
- a database of 70.000 internship seekers.
- some 1,000 new registrations and updates each day

Our team is at your service to help you to :
- Define and publish your needs
- Carry out global, coherent and reliable solutions

WORK CONTRACTS (fixed term and open-ended contracts)
on-line-us.com is part of a system of 1000 general and specialised websites which enables to optimise the posting of job offers and demands:
Employers : optimise your recruitments with our solutions
Job seekers : publish your CV for free in a single operation on our 1000 active websites.

Contractors : you wish to:
- find THE expert who corresponds most to your need, who is closest to your place
- develop a plan of action which requires the establishment of a well-skilled, homogenous team spread over the territory.

Freelance services professionals : you wish to:
- present your core activity,
- find subcontracting or direct assignments
- find complementary know-how
- rely on a network to be able to carry out development assignments for your customers

Consulting firms, you wish to:
- reduce you partners’ inter-assignments,
- find backup or complementary and specific know-how

on-line-us.com helps internsip seekers to access employment
Employers : find interns with our solutions
Internship seekers : publish your CV for free in a single operation on our 1000 active websites.

Each service is supervised by strict general and peculiar conditions, the acceptance of a charter, and a permanent first level control of the input data, which provides the best guarantees to everyone.

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